Descubre Vehicle Telematics & APP Development; Geo-located Incident
and Roadside Assistance (GIRA) and Digital Cartography.

We are a technologically and commercially oriented company positioned to provide innovative telematics products and services to the automotive ecosystem. We offer Business to Consumer (B2C) and customized Business to Business (B2B) telematics services and applications using state of the art technology.

B2B Products:

Vehicle Telematics

• Vehicle tracking solutions.

• Single (Data) and dual channel (Voice and Data) GPS tracker advanced products.

• Software development.

• Insurance Telematics.
Among our vehicle tracker solutions we offer an exclusive dual channel tracker device allowing integrated human interaction and geo-location.

Integrated APP Development

• Smartphone App integration.

• Connectivity of web services.

• Disruptive and sustainable innovation and marketing communication.

• Co-marketing efforts in order to maximize the commercial impact.
We build software and Apps integrated to telematics tracking devices and contact centers for geo-located incident assistance.

GIRA Communications

• Integrated protocol-based contact center for Geo-Located Incident and Roadside Assistance (GIRA).

• Systems integration (CRM, ERP, VOIP).

• Customizable service protocols.

• Configured component architecture for multi-country and multiple business units.

Our modular turnkey contact center delivers super fast dispatch to incidents on the road trough specialized protocols and geo-located incident assistance. Its flexible deployment is economic and makes for an excellent outsourcing solution.

Digital Cartography

• Specialized maps and algorithm development.

• Analysis of Geo-Indexed recurring events.

• Available proprietary routable maps for Central America.
For specialized analysis, we develop dedicated maps and algorithms for on-the road risk assessments. This also includes geospatial segmented analysis of recurring events.
B2C Products: Linevita
In a rapidly changing world, innovation is no longer an option, it is a necessity.
Professor David Gann
Chair in Innovation and Technology Management
at Imperial College London